Workshop on Homotopy Type Theory/ Univalent Foundations

September 8-9, 2017, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Co-located with FSCD 2017.

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Homotopy Type Theory is a young area of logic, combining ideas from several established fields: the use of dependent type theory as a foundation for mathematics, inspired by ideas and tools from abstract homotopy theory. Univalent Foundations are foundations of mathematics based on the homotopical interpretation of type theory.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested in all aspects of Homotopy Type Theory/Univalent Foundations: from the study of syntax and semantics of type theory to practical formalization in proof assistants based on univalent type theory. As part of the workshop there will be an introductory tutorial intended to make the invited and contributed talks accessible to non-experts.


The workshop will include a tutorial, invited and contributed talks, and possibly a discussion session (depending on scheduling and interest).

For details regarding registration and accommodation see the corresponding FSCD site. FSCD also provides some student funding with application deadline July 21. For all other practical details see the main FSCD site.

Invited speakers


The schedule can be found here. Titles and abstracts of the contributed talks can be found below:


Submissions should consist of a title and a 1-2 pages abstract, in pdf format, via EasyChair.

Considering the broad background of the expected audience, we encourage authors to include information of pedagogical value in their abstract, such as motivation and context of their work.


Program committee

Special issue

We are soliciting submissions for a Special Issue of the journal

Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
(Cambridge University Press)

edited in association with the 2017 and 2018 editions of the HoTT/UF workshop. Submissions based on work presented at the HoTT/UF'17 workshop are particularly welcome, but submission is open to everyone and not limited to workshop participants. More information can be found here.

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